Clawing back from festive eating: Obesity battler. 

Can’t complain too much only gained 800g.  Already lost 600g of that.  

This year I’m looking forward to losing at least 5kg in my day dream state… 10kg.  Perhaps I’ll cut the difference and make it 7.5kg?

I’ve lost weight before.  I’m currently nearly 50kg lighter than my highest known weight. I say known as there was a point I refused to weigh myself. I did it myself,  I know what to do. I also know the last few kilos are the hardest. 

For many years I sat about 5kg lighter than now.  But then I had an accident which resulted in me completely ruining my knee while riding a mountain bike. I couldn’t drive for 5 months,  I had surgery to repair it,  I was on crutches for months and needed physio and hydrotherapy. All that enforced sitting played havoc with my weight.  I managed to only gain 4kg.  Then I started IVF while still on crutches… 2 years of hormones, intralipids and prednisone saw me up 10kg.   Then there was finally a high risk pregnancy where I wasn’t allowed to exercise and had to rest heaps.  That left me 22kg heavier postnatally. I’ve clawed my way back slowly.  Tried to battle the stress eating demon, mostly winning lately.  

I have the last 5kg to go to reconcile life events.  To find me again. 


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