Kofta with tarted up naked Greek salad

I couldn’t resist tarting up my Greek salad tonight. Since having pomegranate with avocado I’m addicted. 

I started with a regular Greek salad 

Tomato cubes

Feta cheese cubes

Diced cucumber

Diced red capsicum 

Black olives to taste

I skipped the onion as I didn’t fancy it today

Instead I added

Diced avocado 

Seeds from half a pomegranate

With all those flavors bursting through I didn’t think it needed a dressing. It didn’t.  But if you had to, a small drizzle of lemon juice would suffice. But at least try it naked first. Serve on a bed of ripped cos lettuce. 

Kofta consisted of beef mince with lashings of garlic,  chilli,  paprika, pepper, cardamom and parsley. Fresh parsley would be perfect but I only had dried.

If you were feeling exceptionally decedent add a spoon of yogurt onto the cooked meat. I didn’t though. 


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