Strange nocturnal toddler

5am…?  What’s the deal? 
“Mummy… Mummy cuddle” says Miss Bee.

After going to bed at 1.30am after watching the New Year fireworks on TV then finishing the movie I was not prepared for that rude awakening. 

Darling hubby suggested bringing her into our bed. Bad idea.  She was rocking and rolling trying to initiate a conversation about Hey Dugee and Peppa pig whilst doing some sort of contortionist acrobatic trick. Then started up about playing with her new Ikea kitchen.

Luckily for me darling hubby volunteered to get up.  

Now for the weirdest part.  I slept until 9. Went out expecting to tag team so he could sleep.  But apparently she’d played at the kitchen briefly,  run off into the lounge area… Been removed amidst tears while mean daddy closed the doors. Russled about on her kitchen briefly… Then lay on the familyroom rug and fell asleep in situ until 9!

Darling hubby got to sleep (probably somewhat uncomfortably)  on the adjacent lounge as he wasn’t game to move Sleeping Beauty.


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