Weighty thoughts

I saw a post on Facebook all about a lady who is offering some amazing healthy weight loss program. It talked about “BEFORE” and “AFTER”. I was curious to see the before and the transformation.

Her claim to fame was that she lost 11kg. 11kg? What? I’ve lost 6kg in the last term. This is not exactly a miracle. Not saying that she didn’t do well, it is an achievement. Just saying I didn’t follow any particular person, program, company or fad to lose my weight.

Here I am feeling like a misery for being 5kg over my preferred weight. Perhaps I need to refocus on the bigger picture. Remind myself how far I have come. I have lost 50kg. That’s how much my older daughter weighs. I have lost a whole person.

Sure I am not where I want to be yet, but I am 50kg closer to it. I have had some rough obstacle, obstacles that some may have not overcome and slipped back into old habits. I have had to face my demons and fight them often. I have had to claw my way back from adverse situations which impacted my weight.

The biggest realisation I had a few years ago was that this battle to stay slim is forever. I can’t eat those indulgent foods very often FOREVER. I can’t skip my workout FOREVER. I can’t stress eat or stress drink calories in alcohol FOREVER. If I want to look the way I want to look. If I want to be healthy. If I want to live longer then I must commit to keep at this battle FOREVER.

Want to know how I did it?

It’s very simple really.

Eat less than you are burning and you will lose weight.

That seems incredibly obvious but it’s true. I never calorie count though, I just guess and eat lower fat, lower sugar choices. I am skimpy with carbs and generous with lean protein. I work out for 30 minutes a day. Sometimes I skip it. If I want to lose faster I eat less, exercise even more.  I keep drinking so I feel full, because I read that dehydration can be misinterpreted by the body as hunger. How much water do I drink? Not enough by most standards.

In my mind each step I take is working off past bad eating choices. One step closer to my goal. No matter what, I do my workout. Rain, sick, late, tired… even a shorter workout is better than no workout. Then every now and then I just don’t do it. Because I am human and I don’t want to.

So yeah, 11kg. That is one you can do if you need to lose 11kg. But if you are like I was morbidly obese you may have your heart set on a slightly larger number. I am telling you it is achievable. You don’t need surgery. You need to start moving yourself around the block and away from the treats.



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