Life is like a river


Life is like a river. Flowing with a power you can not stop. At times the river is calm and the day warm and blissful. You can float like a leaf and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Then the tempest charges in without warning or invite. You, the little leaf cling to the surface, struggling as the river’s anger tries to swallow your soul. At time you may feel that your lungs are filled with so much water, and you are so tired from protesting that you may drown and with almost a sense of gratitude sink to the sand on the bed. Perhaps you may fight? Kick and surge your way back to the surface. Only to find it strangely still and sunny.  The river flows as water does in the direction it seeks.  It has not care for the direction we seek. Fool hardy folk may try to swim the tide but in the end the river wins.  They tire and like the rest of us give ourselves to the whim of the water. We are after all made of a lot of water.  So it makes sense that we are ruled by water.

In the winter age the ice comes and freezes us. We feel the river has stopped. In a state of in animation. But truthfully the river never sleeps. Deep below the cold immobile surface the angry river still makes its way. Bitter, cold and relentless.  Waiting for spring.

At times the river feels more like an ocean. Vast and empty, unfathomable and alone. Land to ground us is a memory. A prayer. As the ebb and flow ebbs and flows life changes around us. We are the passenger. We are the parasite. Without the river there is no life.  With the river life evolves. It is hard not to compare at times. Why is it that others seemingly fell splat bang into a sweet little creek? Why does it seem their shelter and sun is endless? That is water. That is life. We must learn the tricks. We must learn to swim. We must learn to ride the river, rocks and all.

I have decided I am a white water rafter in my river of life. Dodging rocks, smashing into others.  Trying to control my way along a crazy maze of rapids in inclement weather. This has made me tenacious. This dogged determination has driven me to conquer many near drowning. I have sat on that river bed motionless and let the flow envelope me. Deep inside something says move.  Something says MOVE. So once again I struggle to the surface and breath.

I must admit to wonder what my life would be without the rapids.


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