My weight loss story: Part 1


I have wanted to write about my weight loss story for a very long time.  This is the hardest page.  The first page.  Where do I start?  How do I even begin to tell you, the reader, what I have been through? Do I start with what life was like before? How I became morbidly obese, how it felt to be morbidly obese? Perhaps I should start with what life is like now? Passing as thin. Maybe, you are impatient like me and want me to jump straight to how I did it? So that ‘maybe’ you can just read one page and have an instant solution to your own weight struggles? I guess I can start by assuring you I will cover it all.  I will open up my life for you, and I will share with you what it meant to me to transform.

I was fat as a child. Slimmed out as a teen. Gained 30kg when I had my first child at 20yo, then gained more and more from then on. I lost over 50kg over 3 years through changing my eating habits and adding exercise.  Stop.  Think about what I just told you.  I lost over 50kg.  That’s more than my teenaged daughter currently weighs.  That’s a whole person.  That’s several small children.  That’s A LOT of weight.

This is my truth and I hope you hear it and take it on-board to help you start and continue until you are ‘normal’.

I now HATE the time I lost as a twenties/early 30’s woman. I hate myself for all the things I missed out on: things like hiking with my family, karate, abseiling, bike riding, iceskating, swimming at the beach…. buying normal cute fashionable clothes.  Most of all I hate that I felt so ugly and fat that I had zero self esteem.

Don’t live your life like this. Take it from someone who lost a decade of her life- get the weight off! You will never regret it.





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