Workout woes, my own worst enemy

I’m just 10 minutes in.  

My stomach is cramping.  I think that time of the month is due to arrive. 

I’m struggling. 

I’m in pain. 

But I hate to miss my workout as it makes me feel like a failure.  Like one step closer to falling off the wagon. 

I will persist.  Even if it takes me longer. 

I can do this. 


I did it.  Not only did I do it but I made great time.  Then,  for trying to make excuses I gave myself a penalty of an additional 10%. 

It nearly killed me. 

I’m sweating like a pig in a sauna.  Only it’s just me after jogging on the treadmill. 

The best part is knowing that I can listen to my own inner bossy boot angel and she’ll tell the lazy give up devil perching on my shoulder whispering excuses in my ear to get lost. 


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