Turn around negative weight loss thoughts

I think it’s important to celebrate your efforts.  But at times your efforts seem thwarted when the scale stubbornly mocks you by staying put (or worse,  going up!)  you start letting old negative thoughts creep in.  Those are the exact thoughts that if left will lead you back to the start where you make excuses to avoid workouts and make healthy diet choices. 

Turn around those negative thoughts before they sabotage your resolve.

Here are a few typical scenarios:

Slow weight loss. Perhaps you’re disappointed as you only lost a microbial amount of weight compared to what you hoped for. Challenge the thought “it’s hardly worth it for that” to “it’s starting to pay off,  slowly but surely. Besides muscles weigh more than fat,  I must be building up muscles now…that will help me”. 

Feeling deprived.  You reluctantly pass up a slice of cake but feel wishful, it looked so yummy.  Challenge the thought “I’m never going to get to eat cake again. This diet sucks.” to something which acknowledges the positive “I’m so proud of myself.  I can eat cake anytime but I chose to stay on track”.

Comparing.  Look at XYZ she never gets fat and eats anything. “it’s not fair”. Turn it around.  “I am who I am and I need to work with what I have.  I know that I can be a healthier version of me.”

Workouts.  “I only did a short workout today, I’m hopeless at this weight loss thing” rejigged as “considering all the factors I’m impressed that I managed a workout,  I’m closer to my goal now. ”

Treats. “OMG I’ve done it now. I may as well eat…. ” instead say “I’ve been working hard lately,  I enjoyed that treat. I choose to stop with that treat and keep on my weight loss journey”.

Negative beliefs.  “I’ll never get all this weight off.  I’m too big. It’s impossible.” instead say “if I can put this weight on I  can take it off. It might take a while but there’s no hurry. Even if I lose a little that’s a start”.

Anyway,  that’s the type of thinking which helps keep me going. Finding a positive. 


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