Snappy not happy

We had a day trip to the beach yesterday.  Miss Bee thought is was marvellous.  Big sis had a ball and brought her BF along too. I took photos of it all. Daddy splashing in the surf with our excited toddler with big sis. It was her first encounter with the beach that she’d likely remember. 

I took lots and lots of pictures. Water,  sandcastles and fun.  Then driving back it dawned on me.  “I” took the photos while everyone else had the fun.  When I was joining myself my phone was hidden in my bag.  There are no photos of me with my family on our beach adventure. Nobody else took any photos.  Not one.  In years to come Miss Bee will look back on those memories and I will not be in them.  It will be as if I  didn’t even go,  didn’t exist. 

That makes me really sad. 


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