Random acts of kindness

My older daughter works as a supervisor on the checkouts at a large grocery store. Just before Christmas a woman came in holding a baby. She had a modest selection of necessities but when the total came up she was just a tad short by the $2 it costs to buy milk. 
The checkout guy removed the milk from her bill so she could pay the amount owing.  My daughter noticed her colleague holding the milk and asked why.  As the lady packed her goods from self serve,  my daughter scanned the milk at another register (wisely getting her staff discount too!) took the money from her own pocket and paid for it. She handed the milk to the lady.  

Apparently the lady thanked her profusely then with tears in her eyes explained that with Christmas financial pressures she wouldn’t have been able to even afford milk until her pay the next week.  

Sometimes when I hear stories like this I am thankful that I must have shown enough kindness and spoken of being thoughtful to raise a young lady who can see a need and not hesitate to help someone. 


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