Smashing goals. What’s the deal with BMI? 

I know my exact weight on the 5 November.  I was going to a wedding that night and felt liked a blubberous whale crammed into the one outfit that still barely fit me.  I decided to get serious with myself.  Years of challenges left me “slightly fuller” than I was used to.  A full knee reconstruction after a mountain biking accident in 2012 left me unable to even drive for 5 months let alone workout. It also left me around 5kg heavier.  Then while still on crutches I started IVF. All those hormones,  stress eating,  bed rest, steroids and intralipids left me after another 5kg heavier again after 2 years.  I finally fell pregnant but had many weeks of bed rest.  Great for fattening me up.  Now she’s 2 I can start fresh and get back to the weight I prefer.  

I’ve been working hard.  Today was the first big milestone. I’ve lost 10kg since that wedding. 

Now for the weird bit.  I wanted to double check my upper limit for the healthy weight range to set my next goal.  Yesterday I was 2.8kg from it.  According to one website that puts me in the “pre-obese” range. That was a bit of a shock after losing 10kg to think that although I’m so close to my upper goal I’m still somehow consider not just overweight but pre-obese. That’s a very tight range in my opinion.  It’s funny how something like that can impact. It left me feeling terrible about my weight not proud to have lost 10kg. Thanks to that government website,  who supposedly are aimed at promoting a healthy active lifestyle…. You nearly made me stress eat.  The extra weird part was that other government websites didn’t classify me that way.  

Anyway,  I’ve done it.  Lost 10kg! 

Now to lose 2.4kg…and beyond. In my dreams I’d like to lose another 8kg,  but in reality 5kg would suffice. 

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