We’ve successfully indoctrinated Miss Bee to Taylor Swift.  She heard the song “Blank Space” in Coles and pipes up “this song bit like Shake it off”.

Midnight workout

It’s midnight. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I am avoiding working out.

Stress has been my constant companion for the last 3 weeks.

I refuse to let stress beat me.

Instead I will go and do my 30 minutes.

I WILL win this battle.



So all my dreams are dust. 

My hopes and plans and enthusiasm for my new teaching job have disappeared. 

I feel so sad as I have a student with extreme behaviour challenges. By extreme I mean he’s been suspended for violence twice this week. 

I don’t know if I can or want to take the stress. 

This article kind of made me cry

Some articles cut deep. This one cut deeper for me than perhaps even for than for the lady who wrote about raising children away from the support of extended family. You see… 

Our parents all live less than 10 minutes drive away.  For the 2.years since Miss Bee joined us she’s never been looked after by them. Not even for 5 minutes.  

Apparently they’re “too old”. The hard part is seeing them do other things which seem rather energetic and knowing how actively they sought time with our other older children.  

It’s bitterly sad feeling like she’ll essentially grow up not knowing that same love and not even know what she missed out on. 

Princess book worm says Thankyou

Miss Bee is a born girly princess.  While she’s happy to wear shorts her face lights up at dresses.  I did her hair into a cascading side ponytail style with a single pony tail at the back which fell into a ringlet. Yes, she is wearing “lipstick” AKA tinted lip balm which she adores and applied liberally!  Lol I can only blame my own makeup love as being her role model. 

She so loves her books.  She’s forever reading to herself and surprised me recently by saying “thankyou soap”. I asked where does it say thankyou?  She pointed to the word thankyou.  After asking my family I discovered that nobody had told her that it said thankyou. Go figure.