Adventures of Darsa 

This kid makes me laugh. “Mum mum. Darsa (teddy) made a big mess!” points to the toys on the family room floor. Turns to the teddy and says “Darsa you made a big mess,  you need to tidy it up”. Now the conversation is “Darsa needs to do poo on the potty.  Where’s Darsa’s undies?” runs to her room and gets undies. Lots them on the teddy.  “Listen to your body Darsa. Pull down your pants.” puts Teddy on the potty “Darsa did a poo!  well done Darsa you’re a big boy.”  Never a dull moment… 

Now Darsa is a baby and getting his nappy changed. She brought down the nappy changing mat,  nappy box and a nappy. “Lie still Darsa.  You’re getting changed. Take your nappy off. Have a nap.” 

Now Darsa is under the nappy mat “blanket” and she’s having “mmmm fruit salad lunch.  even have this strawberry. Yummy. Mmmn Are you awake Darsa? Poor Darsa made a poo in his nappy. It’s so yucky,  goes in bin.”


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