Red letter day Morbidly Obese to “healthy weight”

I used to weigh this much.  

Then I had a major mountain bike accident. My knee bent sideways and I completely severed my MCL,  ACL, tore my meniscus, a 5cm blood clot and fractures on the top of my leg bone. Took me 5 months to walk after a knee reconstruction.

While still on crutches I started IVF.  2 years of back to back cycles,  6 lost babies,  steroids, countless needles,  procedures and hormones.  

Then my miracle high risk pregnancy including threatened miscarriages,  pre-eclampsia and a Caesarean brought me Miss Bee. A year of her not sleeping in the cot during the day resulted in tendinitis in my right wrist then my left wrist.  

She turned 2 and I was still depressingly way over my pre mountain bike accident weight.

Today I conquered that.  I’ve kept my eye on the prize. Sometimes days have been hard chocolate and wine days but I get back up.  I try again: like the Terminator. I have now lost 13kg since mid November.  I am officially in the healthy weight range. I bought size 10 pants for work today and they fit!  In fact all the size 10 ones I tried on fit.  I’ve been more like a 12 for a few years so it’s sweet victory to be back in my happy weight zone.  

For some being slim comes easy.  For me it’s a constant battle.  A battle I will fight forever.  Luckily I have fortitude.

PS from my highest weight I’m now 54kg lighter. 


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