Unexpected things I have to say 

Like… “Stop! Don’t spray the dog with my perfume”

Like… “I don’t think the dog wants to wear your gumboots”

Like… “Yes, that lady is doing a wee.  These toilets are for all big girls who wee and poo at the shops.  Ummm nope don’t touch that…”  …What is it?….  “umm it’s for much bigger girls for big girl rubbish.  Stop.  You don’t have a pad or a tampon to put in that so just stop OK?…I said NO TOUCHING that!” followed by sniggers from the next cubicle. 

And…. “thanks,  I’d love to have a sippy cup with Cinderella on it just like yours with my lunch. It matches our Little Peter Rabbit bowls.  Yes,  you’re a big girl like mummy”


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