Mother’s Day dinner menu

Has to gluten free, vegetarian options,  no mushrooms, no capsicum, no walnuts or peanuts, diabetic suitable.  Thankfully dairy is ok.  

Chicken drumsticks in mayo marinade (using GF mayo)

Stuffed pumpkin (veg,  adapted GF using 3/4 rice 1/4 quinoa) 

Parmesan baked zucchini

Cinnamon baked sweet potato (just cut then coat in a little olive oil,  Cinnamon,  dash of honey if not diabetic,  salt and pepper before baking)

Lemon and garlic broccoli

Steamed carrots and green beans

Dessert will be lemon delicious pudding made up with GF SR flour 

With coffee I’ve made Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip cookies (I can and do bake but GF cookies can be disappointing so I’m trying these out). 
Mother’s Day.. . Planning the menu,  buying the groceries,  cooking it all.  Cleaning the house with Miss Bee then cleaning it all up after. Yeah. Got to love Mother’s Day. I’m glad it’s once a year. 


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