Toddler hair AKA wrestling a wild monkey

It’s taken the full 2.5 years of brushing and styling but she’s finally got enough hair to start making some more interesting styles and the ability to kind of sometimes sit still long enough. Other days it’s a half pony tail just to get the hair out of her eyes.

Suggested equipment:

Some sort of brush and comb

A leave in moisturising spray

Bands (for very thin hair those tiny elastic ones are best one you get more hair to work with the fabric covered ones are better as they don’t tangle in the hair as much.)

A stool or high chair to save your back


Miss Bee has some curl but not from the roots. I can still brush her hair. For curlier hair either finger combing,  a detangling brush or wide comb would work better.  The curlier the hair the more you need to moisturise it.

This is today’s style. I call it pony tail Mohawk. It’s particularly  good for hair that isn’t all the same length.

Spray the hair to dampen.  Comb a neat section to the middle front.  Secure. Use the comb to makes a neat section with approximately 1/3 of remaining hair combing a section from ear to ear to meet in the middle.  Add in the first section.  Repeat. You can also leave this as a half up style.

Try really hard to make the bottom line of each section a straight part as this makes it look neater.

Style #2

Comb a small section at the front into a hair tie in the middle.  

Gather all remaining hair into a high point tail. Secure with a hair tie.

Add pretty clips. One of the clips was a headband I just wrapped around. 

Pray they don’t pull it all out.


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