Toddler life

She lights up the world. 

Nothing beats it when she sees me and calls out “mummy!” and comes running to hug me. 

I think we’ve broken the back of toilet training.  This week she’s not only asked to go but if she knows where the toilet is she’s taking herself.  Yesterday I sent her to childcare in undies and she had full toileting success! Yeah! 

Latest toddler stories… She did the most amazing thing yesterday. We were at a cafe with all the free play toys. She was playing with a little one about 18 months old. They had a toy phone each. Another older boy came and snatched the phone off the little boy. Miss Bee jumped up and chased him down… ripped the phone back off him then took it back to the little boy. I was like… WOW! 
She loves the new Ride Safe bike park at Lake Tuggeranong. It’s an awesome way to burn energy for half an hour and I’m keeping her scooter almost permanently.

I’m loving Gumtree which has things for sale second hand.  I’ve picked up some very cute quality clothes in great condition to add to her play clothes. The pink poncho is pumpkin patch brand and was part of a bundle and cost me around $3.


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