Thoughts about raising children and the push off society

Many parents push and strive to mould and support their children to have an advantage. Usually academic prowess is seen as something to brag about.  Sports,  music and the arts get great attention too.

Best schools. Tight schedules.  Tutors. High expectations. Yet I’ve raised three children already and reject this notion of success. 

Schools measure academic skill yet fail to measure traits and characteristics that fundamentally make for a better society.  There’s no test or grade given to a child who shows empathy.  Children who challenge norms are often seen as troublesome not as having the ability to question the status quo. A perfect chemistry exam in no way reflects Rhett ability to read people and the emotional chemistry in a group of people.  

Even if a child is naturally academically gifted that does not guarantee they’ll attend tertiary education.  Supposing they do and land a top paying career of status does that mean they’ll be happy?  Supposing they don’t,  does that relegate them to failures in the eyes of society?  Are parents then viewed as failures? 

The very skills that shape change and make our society better are not necessarily those measured in schools or taught through extra curricular activities. Kindness,  generosity, integrity, morals,  manners,  respect, caring,  altruism and loving are skills taught by families.  

If your child is a good person with great values and a genuine thoughtful soul then you’ve succeeded. 

Happiness is enough. 

Celebrate happiness,  teach your child to find joy through gratitude and love. Give them time. 

Most importantly let them live life at a slow pace,  don’t let childhood be a race to adulthood.


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