Inventing Recipes from thin air

I realised tonight that I rarely if ever use a recipe for dinner. Even when I give a recipe a nod I tweak it my way. 

Today was grocery day. So I bought what looked fresh and in season. Bought meat then got home and started cooking up meals 

One is a kind of chicken cacciatore but no wine or mushrooms.  But there is a bacon,  tomato base, capsicum and olives.  Good dose of garlic but I added carrots, zucchini and pumpkin pieces for more vegetables.

Next meal is loosely based on Shepard’s pie. Carrots,  zucchini, onion,  a bottle of ragaletto sauce and beef mince.  Topped with potato,  sweet potato and pumpkin mash.   I’ll probably brown it when I reheat it.

Third meal is butter chicken.  I don’t buy pre-made sauce very often but it was half price and it makes for an easy casserole. Chicken,  carrots,  a Granny Smith apple,  sweet potato,  potato,  a little zucchini and onion all thrown in a pot with a jar of sharwood’s butter chicken curry sauce plus some water to cover. 

I was so lazy,  I confess to not browning anything for anything.  The whole lot just went in on a simmer or oven cooking. 

The meal for tonight which is eaten (sorry no photo)  was chicken breast sliced into half to make it thin then put raw into a shallow dish,  covered with a sprinkle of dry stock, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, thinly sliced onion (not much) and a handful of thinly sliced mushrooms.  Topped with cream after cooking in the oven.  So kind of chicken Diane. Served with scallop potatoes baked with a little cheese.  Steamed carrots,  pumpkin and sweet potato. 

I’m glad I can do this but never ask me to cook something twice.  Because I’m unlikely to remember what was in it. 


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