Sick little girl loves her doggy and cat napping

I predict a long parenting day ahead.  I can’t determine what’s more prevalent yet: crying,  coughing, snot or whinging?

Cat napping with Hazel.  Followed by 2 hrs of mummy cuddles and back to back Peppa Pig. 

Turns out she needs antibiotics.  No wonder she’s screamed for 2hrs straight. Not like her at all.

My sick bubba. 

I do love that even when she’s a crying whinging coughing snot bucket she still stopped to hug our dog and tell him she loves him “so much”. Then she got her stool, climbed up and got the child lock magnetic key from up high to then open the pet food cupboard. (Yes,  she’s worked it out.)

Are you hungry Bronny?  I got you a snack. Say “thankyou” to me.  This is a dog one,  here’s one for you Maggie. I know,  I can make your dinner Bronny.  Do you like it?  How about this? (Gets a teddy for the dog.) There you go. You have a nice sleep. Do you like the caterpillar book? 


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