Naan experimenting 

So I found one recipe which sounded easy but then I read one of the comments which said that it was pretty much more pizza dough. 

Well… Umm.. I’ve already got the yeast mix going! 

So now I’m remembering yoghurt as being linked to Naan bread.  Dare I freestyle this recipe? 

Because,  while this recipe looks more like what I know…there’s a 1.5hr wait and I’ve got maybe half an hour.

Why not… 

2 heaped dessert spoons of yogurt

Half teaspoon salt 

1 egg

1 1/2 cup SR flour (as my yeast is old) 

1/4 cup olive oil 

Currently rising…. How to cook it?  Pan fry? Oven?  Add garlic? 

Being exceptionally optimist here (or is that lazy and poorly planned?) 

After 10 minutes rising I threw the dough which is rather scone like onto a baker’s tray with a topping of yogurt,  sprinkle of mint seasoning and garlic. 

Why not risk the whole thing by adding flavours? Why not. Worst case is the dog gets a snack.  The slowest part is waiting for my oven to heat.

Thickness is around 2cm.  

In my wildest dreams this experiment turns into a thick fluffy delicious Naan.

All to be served with that made up butter chicken casserole with quinoa and rice. 

Verdict.  Slightly scone like texture. Almost damper but not as dry.  Nothing like Naan but very yummy. 

The entire bread was gobbled up.  I’m wondering whether plain flour would have produced a less scone like texture (not that anyone complained). I’m certain that letting it rise longer would accommodate switching flours or fresher yeast.

Reaction from Miss Bee “wow look at that Bread!  I like your bread mummy”.


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