Toddlers visiting 

Love it.   Hate it. 

  • Interactions for me Love
  • Cleaning up before visits Hate
  • Baking Love
  • Trying to cater to all the crowd’s satisfaction Hate
  • My child crying because another toddler snatched her toy Hate 
  • Moments when they’re all playing well Love
  • Seeing another toddler acting like a inconsolable whiny pain in the butt Love (means mine’s normal plus bonus not mine at that moment) 
  • Cleaning up aftermath when everyone makes a run for it Hate
  • Noticing that while Miss Bee doesn’t mix up the toys too much other children do…  Hence extensive sorting because I’m finding play food in the doll house,  Lego in the toy kitchen,  cars and kitchen cups in the wooden blocks Hate

  • Wondering why it’s literally always at my house Hate
  • Drinking coffee with a chat Love 


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