Spinach and feta pasta

So quick,  easy and yummy.  Quicker than takeaway! 

Boil up the pasta.  While it boils dice 250g feta (I choose creamy rather than crumbly – South Cape Tasmanian is the bomb). Grab a large handful of grated cheese. (I have it frozen ready to use) .

Drain…  Keep a tiny bit of water back in case you want it wetten it later- that water has starch in it. 

In the same pan melt a good dollop of butter,  add 2 teaspoons of minced garlic. (if feeling very indulgent you could add a little bacon).  Throw the pasta back in. Add spinach leaves to your preference. (Remember they shrink a little.) Throw the feta and grated cheese in. Season with pepper. Gradually add the pasta water if it’s drier than you like. 

Plate it up and gobble it up.
Here’s the “with bacon” version minus feta as I didn’t have any. 


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