Growing seeds: experiment

4 July update on the seeds. 

Miss Bee loves gardening.  Each year we plant snow peas.  This year we’ve expanded this as an indoor experiment.

Experiment 1:

I cut the end off a plastic bottle as a mini pot (bonus is showing how something can be reused and repurposed).

A little potting mix, 2-3 snow pea seeds and water it when it starts to dry out.  Place in sunny window.

“Put it on the window to grow.”

This is after about 2 weeks:

Experiment #2:

In a ziplock bag.  Place wet paper towel and 2-3 snow pea seeds in a zip lock bag.  The seeds took longer to germinate however you can see the roots through the clear bag.  Also no additional water was needed. I suspect it would grow better if the seed faced the sun however it’s rather cool so perhaps the paper towel insulated them a little. 

I attached it to the window using sticky tape.

Look how big they are now!  “look mummy my plants are growing!”


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