Toddler thug life

This is what they do… Casually rip off all the toilet paper.

After all,  I’ve got nothing better to do than wind an entire roll of toilet paper back on. 

Tomato and corn muffins 

I needed a tasty accompaniment to minestrone soup. 

This recipe caught my eye. 

They were delicious. I didn’t have salsa so substituted tomato based pasta sauce. 

Minestrone soup was nice too.

Custard recipe for lazy people

You know my white sauce?  Concept is adaptable to custard.

2 tablespoons of custard powder

4 tablespoons powdered milk

1 tablespoon of sugar (or less to taste)

2 cups boiling water

Mix in 4 cup measuring jug suited to the microwave. 

Microwave 1 minute on high. Mix for about 30 seconds and watch it transform before your eyes  Done! 

  • If you’ve over done the water cook longer. 
  • If it’s too thick,  add a little water. 

Told you it was easy. 

Toddler Vitamin C smorgasbord lunch

Toddlers are often picky beasts.
What they loved yesterday may be rejected the next day.  Smorgasbord style lunches work well as there are smaller quantities of (hopefully) favoured foods.

Today I’ve offered lots of vitamin C rich foods as we’re sick here and it’s a cold rainy winter day.  I’ve included a serve of dairy, a carb and protein with ham and her beloved cocktail Frankfurts.

This type of lunch is highly recommended for packed lunches.  Cocktail sized bite sized pieces allow quick eating for on the go children. 

Other suggestions include sultanas, boiled egg,  slices of apple or pear,  orange or mandarine segments,  a handful of seeds or nuts (for older children-substitute a nut butter for younger children), left over roasted vegetables sliced or diced, cucumber,  snowpeas,  capsicum slices,  carrot and change up with a variety of breads including wraps,  crackers or even left over pasta pieces. 

Meadow jumper revision 

So the cute crochet flowers started lifting their petals. It was my hope that the petals would sit up 3D.  But the scrunched up flowers look like wilting blooms,  that means I’ll be tacking each petal down. 

Half way through tacking.

Taa daa… The “flat” 3D flowers showing off their petals.