Cleaning windows

Mine look dreadful after the pest spray people sprayed them. The inside look like I have a toddler and dogs. 

I want to see through them again. 

Those are runs of the pesticide spray clouding the window. All my windows. Yeah. 



This is the method I’m going to use. 

Cold water with dish washing liquid.

Recommend by this window washer. 

Only thing is, I only have this organic dishwashing liquid. 

My trusty Enjo window wiper and extendable mop handle will hopefully help me do a good job. 

I’m sure it’s meant to be just water for Enjo but my windows are very dirty. 

Verdict all things considered it worked very well.  They’re not perfect but I was rushing with my miniature helper. 

Must be annoying toddler day.  She insisted on helping clean the windows.  To the frustrating point that when I tried to clean she told me “move out of my way and don’t shove me”.

My window cleaning tip.  Don’t try and clean with a toddler around. 


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