GF Apple accident cakes with cardamom streusel topping

I am notorious for playing with recipes. 

Sometimes they work,  sometimes not. 

Update: everyone who tried them loved them.  

Today was a triple play.  Plus I had my sous chef Miss Bee. When I told her I was baking “I” turned into “we”. That’s her helping herself to the other baking, a chocolate slice. 

This was the recipe I played around with from the Australian Women’s Weekly Cakes and Slices cookbook


I added one grated apple.  

I used only SR GF flour (I intended GF but only had SR flour).

I turned them into mini muffins. 

The streusel topping was the accident. I grabbed the cinnamon, sprinkled it in… Oh man that isn’t cinnamon! It’s cardamom. Luckily I’ve seen recipes that pair it with apple. But cardamon is much more powerful than cinnamon so I scraped out around half,  then added a teaspoon of mixed spice.  

They smell divine. They taste like moist soft yummy covered in addictive spiced crunch. 


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