Big bad wolf: a story by Miss Bee

Miss Bee has taking a liking to the story about the Three Little Pigs.  

She especially likes the Peter Combe song.

Today she retold her own version of the story and it was hilarious. 

I built my big girl bedroom of bricks. 

The big bad wolf came along.  It was so scary!  He said “Little Bee,  Little Bee won’t you let me come in?” 

But I said “no you can’t come in”.

But he blew and blew and blew me bigger. Then he touched my foot and it had wolf germs.  Then the wolf ate my foot and I didn’t have two foots anymore so I couldn’t walk. 

The the wolf climbed up on the ladder to the roof and ceiling.  But he couldn’t get me because my big girl room was made of brick. 


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