She loves to scooter. It was her 2nd birthday present and recently she’s really found her feet with it. 

It’s one called a Micromini deluxe.  These deluxe has an adjustable height handlebar, so I’m not sure who would buy the non adjustable type as it’s fixed and the child would outgrow it. I bought an addition of a bell which she loves. I also bought the “lead” but she’s only just confident enough to think about using it as they really need to be capable of steering before you could lead them. 

I think it would be best from 2.5 years as Miss Bee is tall but the lowest setting is still fairly high.  

I noted it has reflective parts on the back,  handy. I’m being naughty not making her wear her helmet as I usually do.  It was a quick lap of our street but truthfully accidents happen at any time.  She frequently even wears a helmet even in the yard. 

I looked at this photo and readjusted the handlebars. Now she goes even faster. Yikes. 


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