She cleaned up her room. 

I’m a mad recycler with a love of sustainability.  

Our usually minimal trash to landfill bin is overflowing.

I notice a perfect condition makeup bag right at the top.  In it… MY flexi curlers. 

Next to it…  Her formal earrings which cost $60. 

A handmade pandora style bracelet we bought her. 

Unopened food. A handmade quilt.  A photo frame. A bottle of perfume which looks unused. 

What can I say? How is it that I’m so careful and mindful yet here she is so selfish and wateful? Ungrateful.

I must blame myself for raising her wrong. Yet how’s that possible when I don’t act like that?  I’m hurting.  Who is this girl? 

Do I go through the “trash” be sure nothing else of mine is being thrown out? 


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