Cute as

Something incredibly heartwarming about arriving home and Miss Bee running up to hug the cat.  Then Bronson runs in so happy to see her and sits waiting for his cuddles. 

She wrapped her arms around him and said “I love you Bronson” enthusiastically. 

Project: owls

How cute are these?  We made one each.  Making craft with you modelling is a great way for your child to observe the steps.  Don’t forget to not over do your own craft as it may set up an expectation so high that you’re child rejects their own efforts as it may not seem good enough.  Just keep your example one simple. 

These are texture rubbing plates about $6 froma craft shop.  I attached them to the table with making tape to stabilise then attached the paper over the top with more making tape. This allows a younger child to manage making a rubbing.  Bits sliding around will just cause frustration as they generally lack to coordination to hold the pieces firmly.  Teaching them to rub with the side of the crayon is tricky but Miss Bee achieved it with some modelling first.