New project

We’ve bought a block of land!

So be prepared to be bored by me rambling on about building a house.

It’s truly our dream, but it’s going to be hard work.


Goodbye Maggie

You were a wonderful companion.  A gentle soul.  Loving to the end.

Despite having had a stroke she spent her final day on her bed in the garden before we took her back to the vet to say goodbye.

Sunshine and a light breeze whispered as my beautiful old girl soaked in her final hours.

She was affectionately known as Maggs,  Moo Moo, and Barbie Barrel. She’s achieved companion dog obedience level,  loved frolicking in muddy dams and rolling around on her back likea brumby doing the “clown”.

At 14 years 9 months she was an old lady.  We all have many fond memories of her.

Surrounded by her furry friends. They will miss her.

Pear-fect Pikelets

Add fruit to your common pikelet with thin slices of pear or apple.

Put the pikelets in the pan. Once it’s nearly ready to be flipped (ie some bubbles are appearing)  place thinly sliced pear or apple into the uncooked surface then flip. 

Extra yummy with a dash of cinnamon. A lashing of caramel sauce might be nice too.

Banana slices can work but will stick in all but the most non stick pan. 

Conversions with friends

Some things are only able to be said to friends. 

Luckily I have a few select friends. 

Comments like “I may need to sell my soul or a kidney to pay for that. Hang on,  Miss Bee sucked out my soul like a dementor.  I guess it’s my kidney then”.

“Is chocolate a cure for a crappy day with a sick kid? If one piece doesn’t cure it I’ll have to keep going just to improve my odds”.