Toddler life

She lights up the world. 

Nothing beats it when she sees me and calls out “mummy!” and comes running to hug me. 

I think we’ve broken the back of toilet training.  This week she’s not only asked to go but if she knows where the toilet is she’s taking herself.  Yesterday I sent her to childcare in undies and she had full toileting success! Yeah! 

Latest toddler stories… She did the most amazing thing yesterday. We were at a cafe with all the free play toys. She was playing with a little one about 18 months old. They had a toy phone each. Another older boy came and snatched the phone off the little boy. Miss Bee jumped up and chased him down… ripped the phone back off him then took it back to the little boy. I was like… WOW! 
She loves the new Ride Safe bike park at Lake Tuggeranong. It’s an awesome way to burn energy for half an hour and I’m keeping her scooter almost permanently.

I’m loving Gumtree which has things for sale second hand.  I’ve picked up some very cute quality clothes in great condition to add to her play clothes. The pink poncho is pumpkin patch brand and was part of a bundle and cost me around $3.

Easter Sunday

Knocking hello to her big brother on his cottage door with her little friend Miss Eva.


Egg hunt in the sunny garden.

Miss Bee ate way too much chocolate, my job as a mummy is a success!

Lots of supervision required though as just beyond that fence is a little river perfect for drowning it. Moments after the bottom photo (above set) I took this next photo then had to run to relock the gate and herd them back into the yard as they had escaped while everyone else was chatting oblivious to the danger that was just avoided.




Playing a café game with potions in a cubby nook tucked away in the garden.



“Sky! Orange sky. Hot sky.” 
That sky is called sunset. 

“Orange sunset pretty”.

Just driving home from a Christmas shopping expedition when we saw this stunning sunset.  Which was also a great learning opportunity.

Shame I had to take the photo through the car windscreen with my phone. 

Christmas Miracle

Every now and then a true Christmas miracle blesses us.

I have taken our darling much longed for Miss Bee to Santa several times. But she’s 2, and to her Santa is some strange guy in a red suit. Last year she thought Santa was actually a dyslexic version Satan based on her extreme caution and tears.

This year the first time she saw Santa she clung tightly to me head buried into my protective chest. She’s usually so confident and bold this is not a side I’m used to. We’d tried to prepare her a little to warm her up to the idea by showing her photos of happy toddlers in Santa photos.  It didn’t appear to work, she refused to even glance at Santa.

I’m not one to give up. I tried a different Santa. Once again she clung on terrified. The best we got was a tentative high 5 with mummy helping her hand.

But today was my Christmas miracle.

She’d been to a Christmas party and she was dressed in her new Christmas dress.  I rolled my eyes as I almost jokingly suggested to her dad that we try visiting Santa. Surely there’d be another encore of the clinging ivy Santa performance.

But today an angel was sent to Earth to be Santa for my 2 year old.  He noticed her look at the teddies.  Then climbed down off the huge imposing red chair and sat on the carpet leaning against the chair. He grabbed a teddy and played the good old icebreaker of peekaboo with her and the Teddies. She tentatively smiled then giggled then went over to Santa by choice.  No clinging on at all.  The photographer appeared with bubbles.  One of her favourite things.  I blew bubbles as Santa gently lifted her and Teddy onto his knee still playfully engaging her in a very grandfatherly fashion.  Then the magic moment when she was giggling and smiling while cuddling Teddy and Santa.

“I’ve got a really cute one” whispered the photographer as I quickly jumped up to see the screen.  Then I promptly burst into tears of happiness.  She looked perfect.  Not just because she was smiling but because the smile was genuine and Santa’s smile was warm and the bubbles floated over them adding to the moment of magic. Sure they’re on the floor but I know this year,  this Santa photo will always be my favourite.

It was one of those times where life seems perfect.  Serendipitously not a soul was waiting in the queue and Miss Bee got to see Santa at leisure. He was the perfect Santa.  At last she saw Santa the way countless children see him: as the jolly bearer of Christmas joy.

Of course I bought the biggest photo pack I could carry.


Halloween harrows

Well to be honest Halloween downunder is not really a thing. Except in the shops or private Halloween parties sometimes. But I’m not one to miss the chance to celebrate something.  So Miss Bee dressed up as Ariel the littlest mermaid I’ve seen.  Then we made a small Halloween display ready for trick or treating guests.  

We had black clothes, owls and a candle. 

The cauldron had sugar sand and feathers with wooden rods and insects. Plus a few spoons for digging out the treasure. 

It’s hard to explain to a two year old that other children will explore the sensory play then take those Freddo frogs home! 

We had double our trick or treat crowd from last year.  We had (((1))) little boy with his mum. 

Oh well,  Miss Bee enjoyed finding s frog and dressing up.  The solo guest seemed pleasantly surprised to scavenge through for his treat.  If I’d known he was it I’d have said take a few. 
I consider this a tiny run up to what should be an epic Christmas celebration this year. 

Organising mumma owl and baby owl.

It was gorgeous hearing her say “twick or teet. Happy Hayloween”. You can decide if harrow refers to the painful disappointment of a single treatee or to the digging up of said treat.

Playgroup day

Mud kitchen with cloud dough, wattle flowers,  water,  playdough and loose kitchen parts for pouring and cooking. 

Naturally,  Miss Bee found a puddle to jump in. Mud is appealing.

Last week’s paint a duck evolved into paint a toy frog,  wash it then dry it on a towel.  Repeat… 

A turn with Rainbow rice in a huge tub. Then I read Going on a Bear Hunt to her over morning tea.