Playdough on a frosty morning

It’s cold and she really wants to play.  

I’ve pulled out some interesting loose parts for her to explore and turned the kitchen around as a cooking invitation.

I’ve been watching her dexterity build lately and decided it would be a good day to introduce a garlic press. If you introduce one before they have the fine motor ability and strength they tend to get rather frustrated instead of excited. Luckily I waited long enough and she was excited. In fact, she loved it!

She gave me the verbal step by step instructions on how to use it. 

You pull it apart. You do it like this. 

So mummy, you put it in this basket. Like this.

Then you squish it like this mummy.

The hair comes out.  

You open it.

Take it out of the holes here.

That’s my job.

Now you get all the hairs off the table, put it in here.  That’s recycling. 

It’s like big sandcastle.

I love the mirror I bought for the play area.  She uses it so much.  Here she use looking at herself playing. She is pushing the dough saying “grrrrr” as she pushes it down. 

Toddler Tip #11

If you plan to leave they house.  Especially if the phrase “potty training or recently trained” are in your vocabulary then might I suggest you get a Sherpa.

That way someone else can help you carry 3 or so “I want it and if I can’t take it in screaming” toys,  a jacket, a potty,  a change bag (which may or may not included pooed on pants), snacks, possibly a scooter and helmet, grocery shopping bags and of course hold the hand of or if you’re unlucky carry said toddler.

Pizza night

Homemade pizza night. Bases from scratch. Such a yummy base recipe. Two types of cheese…  Tasty and mozzarella.

Miss Bee and big sister helped make it which made for a fun chef experience.

Spinach,  pesto,  chicken and avocado with a hint of mayo. 

Bacon,  capsicum, cherry tomatoes and black olives.

Chicken,  pineapple,  avocado and bacon.

BBQ sauce,  bacon, capsicum, pineapple and eggs. 

Miss Bee was eating dessert of icecream with sprinkles… I got told “you finish that first”.

Mother’s Day Musing

Tonight as I said goodnight to Miss Bee I told her that tomorrow is Mother’s Day and that’s a day when mummy’s get a special gift. I then told her I already have a very special gift, do you know what it is? She said “a teddy?” I said “No, the best gift I have is being your mummy”. She grinned the biggest grin then threw her arms around me and said “I love you mummy”.

Food for kids 

I carefully think about and plan what Miss Bee eats.  I have developed her palate so she enjoys a wide range of foods. She loves everything from porridge to olives to vegetables to milkshakes.  

When I pack her lunchbox for childcare when I work it’s varied and healthy.  Boxes with homemade fruit salad,  antipasto and fresh vegetable mixes,  sandwiches, home-baked cereal, fruit or vegetable based baked treats,  dairy serves and nut mix.  She has a lunch box plus a snack box. 

Yet when I go to work I teach children who have less food in the two days than she has in one lunch box for one day.  Some have lots of food but it’s 5 or 6 chocolate icing filling biscuits,  bread without even margarine, no fruit,  definitely no veg,  dairy might be one of those “cracker dipper” prepackaged things. Sugar and salt are key features,  nutrients not so.  

I am grateful that I am educated enough to know better and do better for my child.  Economics is not a factor as many of these prepackaged foods are much more expensive per item or per kg than fresh fruit.  Convenience? What is easier than picking up an apple? You don’t even need to open a box. 

I feel sad that these kids will grow up not knowing better.