Gender fluid fairy

Miss Bee loves playing “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom” with her doll house, car, meadow, fisherprice props and Fairy figurines. 

I  love that this is Ben:

She will refer to Ben’s skirt and that he has his hair in a plait.

This is her beauiful felted fairy meadow which was handmade and bought off Etsy. I’ve set it up as “Ben and Holly’s playground”. Simple is perfect in this case.

Playdough on a frosty morning

It’s cold and she really wants to play.  

I’ve pulled out some interesting loose parts for her to explore and turned the kitchen around as a cooking invitation.

I’ve been watching her dexterity build lately and decided it would be a good day to introduce a garlic press. If you introduce one before they have the fine motor ability and strength they tend to get rather frustrated instead of excited. Luckily I waited long enough and she was excited. In fact, she loved it!

She gave me the verbal step by step instructions on how to use it. 

You pull it apart. You do it like this. 

So mummy, you put it in this basket. Like this.

Then you squish it like this mummy.

The hair comes out.  

You open it.

Take it out of the holes here.

That’s my job.

Now you get all the hairs off the table, put it in here.  That’s recycling. 

It’s like big sandcastle.

I love the mirror I bought for the play area.  She uses it so much.  Here she use looking at herself playing. She is pushing the dough saying “grrrrr” as she pushes it down. 

Play, inquiry and Reggio in grade 1

I’m starting at a new school next year. 

After years of teaching preschool and early intervention I’m taking the leap into grade 1. 

I’ll have a unique opportunity to jump in with fresh ideas.  My principal is looking for change and wants me to implement playbased learning.  Which is what I do on preschool and with Miss Bee. 

This  challenge will be doing all this with a different curriculum, documenting adequately for assessment and winning the parents over.  

I think I’ve pinned about a million pins to inspire me.