Craft with a toddler AKA stupidity

“I want to make a project”.

The answer should have been “well too bad for you”.

She has a snotty nose.  She’d been whingeing all morning. 

Stupidity is my name.  

I saw on FB that you can shrink recyclable plastics in the oven and make shrinky dinks. Well supposedly.

First mistake… You use permanent markers.  Hello… Permanent markers.  What was I thinking? 

I tried to make them nice.  It was hard hard hard work making sure she wasn’t drawing on herself or furniture.  I tried to cut them with a shape punch…FYI that won’t work.  

They looked barely OK.  No,  truthfully they look terrible. 

Now for the “magic” shrinking in the oven. I need a shrink for even thinking it might work.

It didn’t. 

They look like weird curled pathetic rubbish.  They didn’t uncurl to reveal their marvel as the FB tutorial suggested they would.

Nevertheless,  I ploughed onwards.  I would somehow make this into the project goal: a suncatcher. 

Mistake two: Take Miss Bee out to find a stick to hang them off. Of course the little devil does a runner and refuses to come inside.  I direct her to come inside. She screams, refuses…  Runs off more.  My patience runs too. It runs thin.  I yell “Fine then stay outside” and close the backdoor. 

Which brings her running in a flood of tears. I’m over her tyranny. She thinks she can rule the house. 

She comes inside,  I show her the pretty glittery thread we’ll use to attach the mangled sun shrinks to the stick.  It will look very odd but she seems to like the thread.  For 5 seconds.

Now she wants a drink.  NOW.  In this yellow cup. Ok…. Deep breathing… Make the drink.  Watch as she immediately spills some of the drink on the floor.  That floor was perfect and vacuumed on Friday.  It’s Tuesday and my hard work is nearly undone.  

Now it’s got sticky cordial on it.  

What are you doing? No…  Oh my goodness  NO!  STOP!  LISTEN… NO?  yellow isn’t the preferred cup now she grabbed a different cup and pours into that one… Missing completely. The floor is a bath of sticky cordial.  

The much whinged for project lies unfinished.  I am done. I yell. Get to your room NOW.  THE PROJECT is swept up.

I don’t want to see this project finished.  I just want a cordial free floor and a listening toddler.

Mixed up playdough colours 

Apparently letting go of children mixing playdough colours is difficult for some parents. 

I’m not bothered by it.  I think it’s an opportunity for children to create change and continue using a play material even if it isn’t it’s “perfect” clear colour. 

If you would like to relax into mixed colours I suggest you try primary to secondary colours as it mixes up to an actual identifiable colour instead of murky swap colour.

Talking of which… Here’s her murky swap monster. 

Scented dough? Add an essence

Preschool playdough recipe… I often halve it.  Add more flour if sticky (or add the water gradually).  Colour the water.  

Lemon scented playdough

Wrapped in rainbow love

On a Winter day where the temperature pathetically struggled to get to 2 at 11am it was delightfully fulfilling to see Miss Bee wrapped in her rug. 

As I lay her growing rug over her last night I told her that every single stitch is made with love.  That one day she’ll be old like me,  and if she takes care of her rug then she’ll always be able to have a mummy cuddle as the rug is filled with love.  She leapt up and hugged me.

Rainbow blanket… joining squares 

First dozen! 

I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t picked it up in ages. 

The weather here is cold and I’m disappointed that I’m not further into completing the blanket. 

I’ve decided to join what I’ve got and even if it’s a smaller blanket for now I can add to it as I complete squares using the “join as you go” method for joining crochet granny squares.

This is the start. I’ve joined three.  They came together fairly quickly so that’s a plus.