Wrapped in rainbow love

On a Winter day where the temperature pathetically struggled to get to 2 at 11am it was delightfully fulfilling to see Miss Bee wrapped in her rug. 

As I lay her growing rug over her last night I told her that every single stitch is made with love.  That one day she’ll be old like me,  and if she takes care of her rug then she’ll always be able to have a mummy cuddle as the rug is filled with love.  She leapt up and hugged me.

Rainbow cat blanket

Spread out out to take a photo and look who immediately settled herself on it!  Hazel you’re way too cheeky. 

It’s now approximately cot sized.

A few days later…  8×9

Rainbow blanket… joining squares 

First dozen! 

I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t picked it up in ages. 

The weather here is cold and I’m disappointed that I’m not further into completing the blanket. 

I’ve decided to join what I’ve got and even if it’s a smaller blanket for now I can add to it as I complete squares using the “join as you go” method for joining crochet granny squares.

This is the start. I’ve joined three.  They came together fairly quickly so that’s a plus.