Jog the dog

When Miss Bee walks the dog it’s more like a jog. I let her hold the lead as he doesn’t run off and it’s a quiet street. Naturally I’m listening for traffic. 

“I am jogging SO fast. Come on Bronson”.

Bronson is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You seriously couldn’t ask for a more tolerant or gentle dog. He’s got energy when needed but happy to lie about too.  Content to be cuddled by an enthusiastic toddler.  

My cuties running joyously up the street.

Vacuuming the Dog

Yes,  you read that correctly. 

I have this attachment I bought for my Dyson. Brilliant idea… It’s a pet brush with a hole… You hold the handle,  brush,  let go of the handle when it’s full of fur. 

Sure saves getting hair everywhere.

Sometimes I use a short tooth metal comb at the same time to get any stubborn undercoat out. Put the hair filled comb next to the vacuum brush and the hair is whisked out.

Maggie has always been fine with it. A more timid dog might be scared.  You could trial by using a comb with the regular nozzle to see if your dog is comfortable with the noise.