Midnight workout

It’s midnight. I am mentally and physically exhausted. I am avoiding working out.

Stress has been my constant companion for the last 3 weeks.

I refuse to let stress beat me.

Instead I will go and do my 30 minutes.

I WILL win this battle.


Smashing goals. What’s the deal with BMI? 

I know my exact weight on the 5 November.  I was going to a wedding that night and felt liked a blubberous whale crammed into the one outfit that still barely fit me.  I decided to get serious with myself.  Years of challenges left me “slightly fuller” than I was used to.  A full knee reconstruction after a mountain biking accident in 2012 left me unable to even drive for 5 months let alone workout. It also left me around 5kg heavier.  Then while still on crutches I started IVF. All those hormones,  stress eating,  bed rest, steroids and intralipids left me after another 5kg heavier again after 2 years.  I finally fell pregnant but had many weeks of bed rest.  Great for fattening me up.  Now she’s 2 I can start fresh and get back to the weight I prefer.  

I’ve been working hard.  Today was the first big milestone. I’ve lost 10kg since that wedding. 

Now for the weird bit.  I wanted to double check my upper limit for the healthy weight range to set my next goal.  Yesterday I was 2.8kg from it.  According to one website that puts me in the “pre-obese” range. That was a bit of a shock after losing 10kg to think that although I’m so close to my upper goal I’m still somehow consider not just overweight but pre-obese. That’s a very tight range in my opinion.  It’s funny how something like that can impact. It left me feeling terrible about my weight not proud to have lost 10kg. Thanks to that government website,  who supposedly are aimed at promoting a healthy active lifestyle…. You nearly made me stress eat.  The extra weird part was that other government websites didn’t classify me that way.  

Anyway,  I’ve done it.  Lost 10kg! 

Now to lose 2.4kg…and beyond. In my dreams I’d like to lose another 8kg,  but in reality 5kg would suffice. 

Salt and pepper chicken breast not deep fried

​I was feeling desperate for salt and pepper squid but that delicious deep fried treat is just a “no” on my diet while I’m trying to lose weight. 

I looked high and low and found this recipe.

To sunmarise….  Slice chicken breast into thin strips.  Place into a freezer bag.  Top with flour (I used about half what they suggested), white ground pepper,  salt, I used paprika and garlic powder.  Fry in a smidge of olive oil.

I served it with Kale coleslaw from the bag at Coles.  But I made my own dressing using lime juice, touch sugar and fish sauce to taste. 

Insanely simple healthy omelette  

For nights when defrosting meat seems like it would take too long and you really feel kind of lazy (but can’t justify breaking your diet with a takeaway). 

I offer you my humble simple omelette dinner bursting with vegetables and taste. Bonus is you can add favoured vegetables for individuals. No oil needed as I’ll reveal my secret…  A flat non stick sandwich press. True!

While you cut the vegetables let the press heat up. 

Dice veggies and quantities of your choice from the following:


Shallots (if using onion fry by itself on the pan for a while until starting to cook) 




Red chilli 

Tomato (I prefer not to cook mine) 

Low fat lunch meat eg ham, chicken or bacon (omit for vegetarians or to reduce calories)

2 eggs per person 

Low fat milk (approximately 1/4 cup per person) 
Grated low fat cheese (use sparingly as cheese is a higher calorie food) 

If you like spray a sparing quantity of canola spray onto the now heated press.  Add onion and capsicum (chilli if using).  Top with zucchini then meat (if using).  Now bring the lid down and wait around 3-5 minutes.  All of the vegetables are able to be eaten raw so just cook until it is to your preference of “doneness”.

Meanwhile…  Mix your eggs with the milk.  You can omit the milk.  For super healthiness omit one or both yolks (but it won’t taste as yummy). Add pepper if desired.  If using vegetables only is suggest adding something salty to the egg mix: actual salt or a dash of soy sauce. If using processed meat omit the salt or it will be way too salty. 

Now pour your egg and milk mix over the middle part of the grill slowly.  My grill has a small lip which minimises any leaking.  I then push the edges into the middle using a non stick egg lifter so they’re clear of the edge of the press.  Let it sit momentarily to start setting. Once you can see it is firming up pull the lid down.  If your non stick isn’t very non stick lightly spray with cooking spray (I don’t though). 

Wait around a minute.  Open to reveal your omelette. Now sprinkle with cheese (if using) and diced tomatoes (they warm up surprisingly well like this). Now carefully fold your omelette over and plate up your delicious quick dinner.  

Be smart…  For the last omelette grab 2 paper towels,  run under water until damp.  Place flat in still warm press to help clean it up for you.

I have also put spinach leaves on the omelette prior to folding for a burst of iron.  Smoked salmon pieces are delicious too but beware that increases the calories. 


Turn around negative weight loss thoughts

I think it’s important to celebrate your efforts.  But at times your efforts seem thwarted when the scale stubbornly mocks you by staying put (or worse,  going up!)  you start letting old negative thoughts creep in.  Those are the exact thoughts that if left will lead you back to the start where you make excuses to avoid workouts and make healthy diet choices. 

Turn around those negative thoughts before they sabotage your resolve.

Here are a few typical scenarios:

Slow weight loss. Perhaps you’re disappointed as you only lost a microbial amount of weight compared to what you hoped for. Challenge the thought “it’s hardly worth it for that” to “it’s starting to pay off,  slowly but surely. Besides muscles weigh more than fat,  I must be building up muscles now…that will help me”. 

Feeling deprived.  You reluctantly pass up a slice of cake but feel wishful, it looked so yummy.  Challenge the thought “I’m never going to get to eat cake again. This diet sucks.” to something which acknowledges the positive “I’m so proud of myself.  I can eat cake anytime but I chose to stay on track”.

Comparing.  Look at XYZ she never gets fat and eats anything. “it’s not fair”. Turn it around.  “I am who I am and I need to work with what I have.  I know that I can be a healthier version of me.”

Workouts.  “I only did a short workout today, I’m hopeless at this weight loss thing” rejigged as “considering all the factors I’m impressed that I managed a workout,  I’m closer to my goal now. ”

Treats. “OMG I’ve done it now. I may as well eat…. ” instead say “I’ve been working hard lately,  I enjoyed that treat. I choose to stop with that treat and keep on my weight loss journey”.

Negative beliefs.  “I’ll never get all this weight off.  I’m too big. It’s impossible.” instead say “if I can put this weight on I  can take it off. It might take a while but there’s no hurry. Even if I lose a little that’s a start”.

Anyway,  that’s the type of thinking which helps keep me going. Finding a positive. 

The trick to a good workout

Actually do it. 

Each step is a step closer to your goal. 

No matter how small your effort it will reward you.  In time you can increase your effort and the rewards will come. Your weight will start to drop off.  You will shed the body clutter. A new you will slowly emerge. That new you can be a turning point for other dreams.  

Commit to be stronger than stress,  stronger than relaxing, stronger than too tired,  stronger than not worth it.  

When the goal seems too big just remember life can change. Even small changes are still worthwhile changes. Nobody wakes up suddenly overweight.  Just as it crept on quietly you can undo it one day,  one step at a time.  Time is funny thing that way.  Time will pass no matter what you choose.  Choose to greet the rest of your life fitter and healthier. 

Coleslaw rejigged as Vietnamese slaw

I do love creamy coleslaw. But that dressing takes what could be healthy into tasty fattening calorie land. 

This is my take on making it healthier yet edible.  I’m not keen on naked raw cabbage. 

Buy or make the slaw. No dressing… Just the type near bagged lettuces.

The dressing:

Mix 1 tablespoon each of:

Fish sauce

Lime juice

1/2 tablespoon of soy sauce

Drizzle over your slaw.  Eat immediately. 

A typical Asian dressing also adds sugar and sometimes sesame oil.  

Sugar adds taste but calories. Sesame adds fat and calories. 

If you like it well enough without Ryder sugar enjoy as is. Maybe taste test your dressing prior to use? I’m not sure how a sweetener would work as I don’t use them. 

Sorry no photo.