She cleaned up her room. 

I’m a mad recycler with a love of sustainability.  

Our usually minimal trash to landfill bin is overflowing.

I notice a perfect condition makeup bag right at the top.  In it… MY flexi curlers. 

Next to it…  Her formal earrings which cost $60. 

A handmade pandora style bracelet we bought her. 

Unopened food. A handmade quilt.  A photo frame. A bottle of perfume which looks unused. 

What can I say? How is it that I’m so careful and mindful yet here she is so selfish and wateful? Ungrateful.

I must blame myself for raising her wrong. Yet how’s that possible when I don’t act like that?  I’m hurting.  Who is this girl? 

Do I go through the “trash” be sure nothing else of mine is being thrown out? 

Naturally fresh home ideas

With winter I have become obsessed with making the house smell fresh. It’s cold so opening a door is not ideal.

I do love candles but can’t really burn them when Miss Bee is awake. I also love reed diffusers. But those reed diffusers can be expensive when you buy ones that smell nice. My current favourite is called Marshmallow, but to me it’s kind of a vanilla musk smell. Great for the bedroom but not so much for the kitchen or bathroom. In those areas I prefer a citrus fresh smell, nothing soapy anywhere.

I also dislike chemicals and favour natural products whenever possible.

While searching for natural air freshener ideas I came along a recipe for gel fresheners. It seemed fairly simple so I have given it a whirl.

I bought some essential oils in Lemon Verbena and Lime.

I used this recipe as I wasn’t keen on wasting vodka in an air freshener like some recipes.

So far the smell is good. One didn’t gel quite as well but I am not sure why.

I used an empty jar, a glass dish and two crystal vases.

Apparently you can use it in the car. I would make it thicker using more gelatin for the car.


Here are some ideas and links about natural home fragrance:

  • Plants: I have added some indoor plants and have to agree they work well. I am not an indoor gardener traditionally so have used water well pots. I really want to add a Dracaena and a philodendron. Of course a large fern in the bathroom would be stunning.  I have to avoid chrysanthemums and ivy as both (ironically) make me sneeze. Spider plants attract me but so far I haven’t found them at the gardening centre and no friends have one to grab baby ones from. Will keep my eyes out! All of the pots I have purchased are white, there is something about the simplicity of white that I love with a green plant. Mum bought me a plant in a red pot- it is now in the kitchen as “Xena” my Kitchen Aid is red so it matches in.
  • Clean with organic cleaners so that your kitchen and bathroom don’t smell of chemicals and bleach. Bicarbonate soda is a popular choice. Personally I like the results from salt and vinegar and a scrubbing brush.
  • Fragrance with natural products  Here are a list of different recipe ideas.
  • Empty your bin frequently (especially if there is something smelly in it)
  • Use your extractor fan to clear cooking odours, leave it running until after dinner is finished to make sure all residual smells are whisked away.
  • I can’t wait to try the cinnamon floor deodoriser in the link above! Sounds like it would smell amazing and be cheap and natural too.
  • For a quick fix… brew coffee!