Table Centrepiece styled by me bought at IKEA

I hope you love it too.  

I’ve been looking at decorating the table and been procrastinating for a while.  We bought this table when Miss Bee was little and I haven’t decorated it other than using things I already had until today. 

Up until recently I thought Miss Bee might get up and fiddle with anything,  but I think she’ll be fine now. 

I’d been looking at options for some time.  I can be very picky. Some vases I saw were just lovely but too Shabby Chic for me.  Others were too modern and angular.  Others didn’t have the wide stable base I needed with the risk of a potential bump.  Others,  were simply too pricey to put around a toddler.  I wanted simple yet classy.  I also didn’t want to pay a fortune as it might get broken.  

As life isn’t a magazine,  the toddler trays and a clear plastic table cover are still part of our dining experience here.  


  • Marit table runner in beige has a woven texture which adds a linen type look at $4.99 x1.   This matches the texture and colour of my blinds. This runner comes in many colours and if you pick a colour from your decor you could swap it to match your home. 
  • Skimmer candlesticks are a shiny chrome finish, chunky enough to be stable but elegant with their traditionally shaped. The chrome ties in with my chair legs at just $12.99 x2
  • Topped with Sinnlig scented block candle in vanilla at $2.79 each x2
  • Berakna 30cm glass vase is just $12.99 x1

The artifical flowers are rather lovely for the price.  Crossing the stems helps keep them in place. 

  • Stems of Smycka eucalyptus 65cm branches at $4.99 each x4
  • Stems of Smycka Lily flower and bud 85cm  $6.99 each x3 It’s important to buy 3 not 2 or 4 as artistically odd numbers look better to the eye.  If you choose a larger vase and need more Lily stems go 5 or 7 and up the eucalyptus stems accordingly. You will need to cut off some of the stem. Cut firmly then wiggle it back and forth, it should snap off cleanly.  I made mine slightly longer than the eucalyptus so they’d sit above the eucalyptus stems. If in doubt,  cut sparingly and adjust rather than cutting hard with regret.  

I cut off around 16cm.   It’s best to not get too worried about exact as variety will look more natural. 

Matching with my blind colour.