Quote of the day 

Hubby “is this all the milk we have?”

Me: feeling the blood drain from my cheeks, suddenly realises my trip to the shops for bread and milk late yesterday was swallowed by other purchases which didn’t include the necessary milk. 

“Umm oops,  yes.  Oh no,  now I’ll have to go to the shops again.”

Hubby “There’s enough milk for a few coffees after that there’s an open wine”.

I miss my daddy

Daddy it’s away for work. 

This is really devastating for Miss Bee.

It’s always devastating to me as I miss him dreadfully.

Every night I get the crying sounds of her sobbing “I miss my daddy. My daddy is never ever coming home” cue more sobbing.

She is genuinely very upset and sensitive.  Friday seems a long way away at the moment. 

Contending with a lonesome toddler who misses daddy adds an extra very heart wrenching chore of comforting,  cuddling and reassuring. Even at 1am. 

“I’m OK,  I’ll be OK.  I’m not crying” she sobs into my tired,  exhausted but motherly arms.  

I think “me too”.

Pink perfection


_mg_1100Well, the roses look perfect… not so sure about my ability to capture them.

The trouble with having a toddler is that something as romantic as a still life photo has to be taken in a timeframe more akin to a paparazzi moment or sports photography. Quick and perhaps dirty?

Anyway, this is my brief moment to be creative with some gorgeous blooms from my hubby.

Sweet Time Out, Wee Hooing and chooks




March was a busy birthday month so somehow our monthly Twelvetimes date night was lost into the ether. Yet determination and the ability claw my way back to my plan made me accept that this weekend was close enough to March to count as our March date. Big sister Kitty took our little angel while we ran quickly into the distance.
Don’t get me wrong.  I adore being a mummy.  I fought a very long hard battle for this miracle child.  She is inquisitive, exceptionally agile and an undeniable magic radiates from her wide grin as she excitedly explores the world.  The room lights up like sunshine when she giggles.
Yet she is also relentless. Pushing boundaries, demanding attention, grabbing, touching and moving.  Constantly moving. Like a bumble bee starved of pollen stumbling upon a flower meadow.  She buzzes frenzied from blossom to blossom.  Her enthusiasm and pace is exhausting. Which is why I treasure those snippets of time when I can remove the robes and hats of mummy,  teacher,  entertainer,  cleaner and supervisor stripped bare to me. Just a me who is at times forgotten even by myself.
Coffee by the Kingston foreshore with a sumptuous Italian meal and nothing but the quiet moments to talk with my hubby.  Yes these rare time are precious. Reviving.  Essential remedy. Renewal.
Today,  I am refreshed.  Although we did meet another goal- Pizza night with friends last night. I think we had fun as we polished off 2 bottles of wine and they didn’t leave until nearly 1am. Today we set out on our monthly bike ride with Miss Bee in her Wee hoo bike trailer.  She loved it.  Indeed so much so that when we returned home she wasn’t giving up on the helmet and a classic toddler tantrum ensued.  We let her wear her helmet around the house.  Sometimes with toddlers you need to pick your battles and helmet wearing was really a non issue.



Here it is. ..late.  She’s fed and bathed, in her PJs and ready for bed, having one last play with her dolls YET again wearing her helmet. Little funny bunny.


An afternoon of tea, chooks and visiting friends on a farm was toddler heaven. Miss Bee made a little friends to run amok with! I used the opportunity to take some memory photos of the visit. Many were portraits and I have been told I am not allow to share them with you all… sorry._MG_8538


Born to hunt?  Haaa haaa….