3 ingredient super easy bread crusted salmon mini quiches 

A quick and tasty lunch meant that Miss Bee could help cook. 


  1. Bread (1 slice per quiche)
  2. Mini tin of salmon per 4 quiche (I used tassel brand as it’s Australian, I chose tomato and onion flavoured) 
  3. 1 egg per 2 quiche

Use a large scone cutter almost as large as the bread to cut a circle.  I have seen this done without cutting off the crusts but i thought that might be too crispy for Miss Bee.

Spray canola onto a muffin tin (with silicone you might not even need that step) Use a small cup to push the bread into the muffin tin to make a case. 

Divide the tin evenly into the bread cases using a fork. 

Using the same cup you made the case squish down with mix the egg lightly with the fork. Divide over the cases with half an egg per case. 

Bake until the egg is set, about 10 minutes. 

I served mine with watermelon,  kiwi fruit, a slice of cheese and diced ham as I was appealing to a toddler palette. 

Wrapped in rainbow love

On a Winter day where the temperature pathetically struggled to get to 2 at 11am it was delightfully fulfilling to see Miss Bee wrapped in her rug. 

As I lay her growing rug over her last night I told her that every single stitch is made with love.  That one day she’ll be old like me,  and if she takes care of her rug then she’ll always be able to have a mummy cuddle as the rug is filled with love.  She leapt up and hugged me.

Playdough on a frosty morning

It’s cold and she really wants to play.  

I’ve pulled out some interesting loose parts for her to explore and turned the kitchen around as a cooking invitation.

I’ve been watching her dexterity build lately and decided it would be a good day to introduce a garlic press. If you introduce one before they have the fine motor ability and strength they tend to get rather frustrated instead of excited. Luckily I waited long enough and she was excited. In fact, she loved it!

She gave me the verbal step by step instructions on how to use it. 

You pull it apart. You do it like this. 

So mummy, you put it in this basket. Like this.

Then you squish it like this mummy.

The hair comes out.  

You open it.

Take it out of the holes here.

That’s my job.

Now you get all the hairs off the table, put it in here.  That’s recycling. 

It’s like big sandcastle.

I love the mirror I bought for the play area.  She uses it so much.  Here she use looking at herself playing. She is pushing the dough saying “grrrrr” as she pushes it down. 

Hair crown 

I am not a “hair” person.  This means I was rather pleased with her hair style today. 

I started near her left ear putting gradually more into tiny hair ties as I went around her head.  Then I did a plait which I attached near the first hair band. 

I think it looks pretty cute.