999, 976 Sweet berry bliss

After sadly being unable to crochet the other 3 yesterday I was tired yet determined to finish the quartet today. 

Such pretty berry colours.

With two dozen (Twelvetimes x2!)  of these beauties off the hook I’m feeling like this project might actually be realised some time before she’s 18.


999,999 to go…999,998

I finally started my rainbow blanket project that I bought the yarn for last year.

I made a basic yarn pocket system to keep them in correct order.  This was one aspect which had kept me from starting this project. Wondering how I’d keep them in correct rainbow order to achieve the look I wanted.
This is my sewing effort, a storage plus a travel storage kit.  I allowed for 5 as each granny square has 4 rows.  Meaning I can make ABCD BCDE EDCB and DCBA before swapping out.  If I get really stuck I could also do CDE but add F later or CBA and add the one adjacent later.

I had to teach myself (thanks to YouTube) how to crochet the tails in as I go.

Edit: completed 2. The original size is a generous single and used 130 squares.  I’m hoping to make it larger. I figure once it’s cot sized I can drape it on Miss Bee’s bed then add rows as I go. Hoping it will be cot sized by Autumn given it’s currently Spring.

This is what it will look like except I added 2 additional colours to mine: I added 2 additional colours- a mid blue green and a deep teal.


International food night Improvisation 

Well… It was meant to be Vietnamese but with all the carpet preparation that went out the window and trusty Italian saved the night.  

I made homemade pizza bases I topped them with pan fried chicken,  shallots, ham,  red capsicum,  olives,  avocado and lashings of cheese.  Not sure if that’s authentic but it sure smells yummy.   A glass of red should make it taste authentic. One base has tomato pizza paste the other pesto. That’s Italian enough for an exhausted chef isn’t it? 

According to Miss Bee they look “wow!  Pretty!  Hot?  Eat olive? ” According to hubby they look impressive. 

They look rather rustic (aka not round). 

Knitting tales

I have been on a beanie knitting binge.  I love knitting beanies as they are fast and I can usually finish one in an easy two nights. The most recent three were birthday gifts for my dd’s boyfriend and one for each of my parents. Mum hates hats because they squash her hair flat so I made a very loose style which she loves.

The pattern is called Rivendell and it is free on Ravelry.

My dad spotted the one I’d made for dd’s boyfriend and loved it.  So he got an identical one.  Theirs is called Bobblehead Ray also free from Ravelry.

The fourth beanie was for Miss Bee. Yes I confess she’s already got… Hmm.. 4 winter hand knitted hats…  But she was so intrigued by my knitting and I had leftover yarn so it all made sense.  At least it made sense until she saw the yarn…  “YUCK” was her verdict.  Then impressively she told me PINK GIRL HAT. Off I trotted in search of a cool pattern and most crucially PINK yarn.  Now to be fair the last item I knitted her was blue.  I buy her varied colours and she has a wide variety of toys.  Yet somehow my daughter is a girly girl who loves dollies,  tea parties and pink. How on Earth she worked out her gender stereotype is beyond me but hey..  If a toddler asks you for a pink girl hat you make them one (even if they’re a dude).

Here’s “Pink Girl Hat”:



As you can see Miss Bee is rather happy with it.

The pattern is called Kaiya Mei and is free from Ravelry, I extended my knitting efforts to colourwork! Yeah.

PS that’s the blue jumper I knitted her!


Garden work

Keeping up with my goal we did some yard work today. I gave the apricot tree a prune. Not really completed to my liking but the main work made a positive impact so that’s something isn’t it? Better than last month when it rained.

Going into detox. .. confessional

Held lovingly.  Always close.  Gazed at.  Checked in upon. Seeking my attention.  No. .. Not Miss Bee. .. my phone!
Is it an addiction or is it just a mum at home alone wanting to connect for the sack of sanity?
Either way I am starting to notice my little digital device is often just in reach. I notice the “other person in my life” that I’m having an affair with is my phone. Perhaps it’s escapism? Or am I (*GASP) part of the next generation of now people?  Those people who I detest?  Impatient people.
Miss Bee is engrossed in play.  Am I enjoying a well deserved moment to chill out in peace while marvelling at her cuteness?  Nope. .. I’m using that moment to quickly check Facebook.  Wow. .   It’s the birthday of someone I haven’t seen since college. I better wish them a wonderful day after all I don’t want to look like I don’t care less.  Besides,  they are probably checking to see how many birthday wishes they got.  I don’t want them to feel like a loser now do I? So far they only have 3 messages!  Ooohhh and look. . my old  work mate from 7 years ago who I haven’t spoken to face to face for 5 years has checked into a cafe. .. They have a chocolate cake and latte art. ..On a romantic date. .. better like that. Apparently my other old school mate is most like R2D2 from star wars.  Hmm what are you trying to eat Miss Bee.  Ooops I was distracted by goodness knows what rubbish.  All I know it’s that this stuff is rubbish.  If that messenger message was critical they could PHONE ME!
Interested in toddler activities?  Spend 2 hrs on Google then open Pinterest… Good bye me time!
I want to be more present.  I don’t want to be addicted to the digital virtual world.  I want my quiet times to be just that. .. enough! Moments of solitude, mindful moments to reflect,  moments to do nothing.  Doing nothing is legitimate. Doing nothing is how people destress.
So being a good digital addict I Googled digital detox! Yes there is an app for that!


Using my twelvetimes philosophy I had to choose which apps suck my time then decide which rules to apply. .  12x! 12 hrs per day?  12 times launching. .. In a day?  In a hour?  12 minutes?  Anyway I have set my app “rules” and I have started my detox today!  My first effort was calling a friend instead of texting. .. Go me!
I am hoping for more time to just be.
Let’s see how I go.  Have I put my Blog on rules?  Ummm let’s not rush things.

Finding my Twelvetimes groove

This whole Twelvetimes concept is working well for me.  Who would have thought that I would respond to a schedule?  I’m not exactly known for being an organised type. I’m often more the disorganised type.  Well that’s not entirely true.  Over the years I’ve had to be organised for some things.  Like work.  Like Christmas.  Like birthdays.  Big things where dropping the I’ve got my life together mask makes other people notice.  You can’t really forget to buy Christmas presents. .. Can you?  Actually I know of a guy who did. He ended up buying very expensive gifts at a Hyatt gift shop on Christmas Eve because all the other shops were closed. 

I tend to plan those big MUST NOT FAIL events that have an established date in advance. It was all the “one day”, no set date events that were being lost.  Events that if you forgot,  shrugged your shoulders on or let other everyday life things over shadow…. Well who’d know?  Well. ..I knew.  But the funny thing is even if nobody else knows I’m slowly knitting the next top for Miss Bee I KNOW.

The bit I need to convince myself on better is the good enough bit.  I confess that despite having made craft,  dyed eggs with the family and had an epic Easter egg hunt I still hear an inner voice saying “that’s great BUT you didn’t make hot cross buns like you’d planned.  The Easter cookie cutters didn’t get out of the drawer this year either.”  I sigh at myself disappointed. Miss Bee would have love to decorate cookies. .. sigh.  I guess I’ll have to just make random cookies. .. Rabbits are cute any time of the year aren’t they?