Christmas Miracle

Every now and then a true Christmas miracle blesses us.

I have taken our darling much longed for Miss Bee to Santa several times. But she’s 2, and to her Santa is some strange guy in a red suit. Last year she thought Santa was actually a dyslexic version Satan based on her extreme caution and tears.

This year the first time she saw Santa she clung tightly to me head buried into my protective chest. She’s usually so confident and bold this is not a side I’m used to. We’d tried to prepare her a little to warm her up to the idea by showing her photos of happy toddlers in Santa photos.  It didn’t appear to work, she refused to even glance at Santa.

I’m not one to give up. I tried a different Santa. Once again she clung on terrified. The best we got was a tentative high 5 with mummy helping her hand.

But today was my Christmas miracle.

She’d been to a Christmas party and she was dressed in her new Christmas dress.  I rolled my eyes as I almost jokingly suggested to her dad that we try visiting Santa. Surely there’d be another encore of the clinging ivy Santa performance.

But today an angel was sent to Earth to be Santa for my 2 year old.  He noticed her look at the teddies.  Then climbed down off the huge imposing red chair and sat on the carpet leaning against the chair. He grabbed a teddy and played the good old icebreaker of peekaboo with her and the Teddies. She tentatively smiled then giggled then went over to Santa by choice.  No clinging on at all.  The photographer appeared with bubbles.  One of her favourite things.  I blew bubbles as Santa gently lifted her and Teddy onto his knee still playfully engaging her in a very grandfatherly fashion.  Then the magic moment when she was giggling and smiling while cuddling Teddy and Santa.

“I’ve got a really cute one” whispered the photographer as I quickly jumped up to see the screen.  Then I promptly burst into tears of happiness.  She looked perfect.  Not just because she was smiling but because the smile was genuine and Santa’s smile was warm and the bubbles floated over them adding to the moment of magic. Sure they’re on the floor but I know this year,  this Santa photo will always be my favourite.

It was one of those times where life seems perfect.  Serendipitously not a soul was waiting in the queue and Miss Bee got to see Santa at leisure. He was the perfect Santa.  At last she saw Santa the way countless children see him: as the jolly bearer of Christmas joy.

Of course I bought the biggest photo pack I could carry.


Toddler Tip #5

If you find yourself standing bleary eyed at the backdoor at 11pm with an energetic 2 year old explaining (perhaps not as patiently as you envisaged pre children) that “NO, now is not a good time to ‘play ow-side’ …”….you are going to need coffee tomorrow. Lots of coffee. Buckets of the stuff.

“Wild thing are” book

f062a486517b64ac1f00475c0388cd93I am so proud of how Miss Bee is developing her literacy skills. She adores books, so much so we have to limit the number of bedtime stories to 3…OK sometimes 4. Even then she can be heard asking for just one more with an imploring request “Wild thing are book” or maybe “Pock dogs book!”.

One of the current favourites is The Pocket Dogs. She amazes me by recalling many aspects of the story. I asked her “Who did Mr Pockets have in his coat pocket?” I thought she’d reply “dog” or maybe “Pocket Dogs” but nope. She said “Biff Buff” (The dogs names are Biff and Buff). Then when I asked her what would happen if Biff fell out of the pocket? She said “fall head”.

The other book of the moment is Llama Llama Red Pyjama. When we read that she can recall and complete the text. If I say Llama Llama ____ ________ she will add “red pyjama”. If I say weeping wailing for his_____ she will say Mama. When I say “mama Llama…” She’ll add “RUN RUN RUN”.

Her other favoured story is Where the Wild Things Are. She loves to pretend to roar a terrible roar, gnash her terrible teeth, roll her terrible eyes and show her terrible claws. The very best variation is when we substitute the main character Max to make it a book about her by using her name instead… Miss Bee is the queen of all the wild things.

Large love heart eyes for Hairy Maclary and the entire series. Of course the favoured book is the classic Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy.  Big Horse, Hay, Pots, Crumb, Bony and of course HairyClary who is now a soft toy friend too.

We read to her from birth and by four months old she could turn the pages in a book (yes, I have it on video!).  It is music to my ears hearing her retell her stories and falling in love with reading.





Bubble blower out of plastic bottle

This came up on my FB news feed- as I had a small empty bottle and a bag of onions in some mesh I decided to make the bubble blower for Miss Bee.

It was super easy to make. The website makes it look all fancy but I found duct tape worked well and Miss Bee didn’t care if it looked “pretty”.

There were a few ‘dippings’ of the mouth opening into the bubble mixture.. yummy. BLAH!

But she did manage a few bubbles. I guess the sequence including blowing is tricky for under 2’s. It was a nice few seconds of fun before she tipped the bubble mix out. It was a brisk 6 degrees after the previous snowy weather.


Dark runner 

I wish this was my photo.  

It snowed here last night. So suffice to say it is cold. Sure the snow has long since melted.  But it’s brutal outside with that bone chilling cold. 

We just returned from an eventful grocery trip where Miss Bee ran off twice.  That kid is fast. The mini trolley wasn’t nearly enough to amuse her. I was wondering how other parent’s do it.  How did I do this with the three older kids at once?  Mind you, they weren’t Miss Bee.  She’s Shrek girl.  

Anyway.  When we got home I was juggling two bags of grocery plus my runaway.  Who decided to run off into our backyard.  I could see exactly where she was in the freezing pitch black thanks to her sketchers high top twinkle toes shoes.  

I refused to chase and she ran around in the darkness like a firefly. Presumably a cold firefly.  I figured eventually she’d realise I’d gone inside without her and she’d appear at the door. 

It took a few minutes.  She wasn’t giving up that night run quickly.  But those sparkling light suddenly appeared at the back door and her moment was over.