Canberra runs a really fun festival called Enlighten. I was pretty tired after a busy week but we decided to just go anyway. Friday night and the carparks were teaming with cars and overflowing. We managed to secure a car park and headed off to the Night Noodle Market for some Pad Thai. Shared a table with a very chatting Korean couple while Miss Bee was having a cranky time. Apparently she didn’t want noodles or the churros we bought at the same stall. She was finally wooed by a few mini pikelets. Despite the crowds it was quite child friendly and luckily she was intrigued by looking at a Chinese Dragon draped with lights and the actual lights on the National Library and Questacon. The giant illuminated inflatable rabbits on the Old Parliament House lawns were all called “Hop”.   Sadly she crashed before we got to the car but not before Anthony had a chance to give the Cannon a whirl with some photos of the light show.5558956863_865c4ac488_b

February: Delving into Twelving


The Albion As I have just started blogging I will do a ‘catch up post’ from January to now. Lots in one post but not much detail.

I had spent the last weekend of January setting up our calendars with all the ‘events’. Got to say I love our shared Google calendars as I can make recurring events, one off events and invite my hubby to whatever I want him to come to.

The very first weekend we jumped onto getting a major task completed. To bushwalk with a toddler you need a backpack child carrier. We had walked in Cradle Mountain with a sling but she’s just too heavy for long walks in the sling now. After much research we bought an Osprey Poco Premium with removable day pack which means we are now equipped to explore at will!

Lunch in Braddon at the hipster Paleo café Elemental. I confess we are heathen as we didn’t know it was paleo or particularly care. I am happy to report that the food was delicious- it was definitely a new experience eating nachos with sweet potato chips instead of corn chips. Our toddler gobbled it all up.

Bushwalk #1 Sunday 7th we Christened Poco with a short Bushwalk to De Salis cemetery which was a nice short walk given it was very hot and we had the new carrier. It worked a treat though it was hot a sweaty with the weather being so warm.

Brunch #1 Saturday 13th  Had some mum friends over for some coffee, pikelets and the all important chat.

BBQ #1 and Fire pit #1– Kept it simple and combined  International dinner #2 with BBQ night with lemon and garlic marinated lamb kebabs, Greek salad after a starter of olives, sourdough bread and homemade Tzatziki. Relaxed with marshmallows by the fire with the kids.(International dinner #1 was our Australia Day BBQ! That was genius as it was Good Enough!)

Local explorations: Poco got another workout as we explored the Multicultural Festival. in Canberra delighting in Weiss beer, Gozleme, paella… yummy. It was much easier to navigate the crowds by (a) going in the morning and (b) taking Poco instead of a pram.

Bike ride #1 Sunday 20th Rode around Lake Tuggeranong with the Weehoo bike trailer attached (now known as the Big Red Car to our Wiggles mad Miss Bee).

Made time to create– Scrapbooking! I did a rather dodgy job but finally finished the 9 pages I had been trying to do for the last year. They may not be what I would like in my dream life.. ie not perfect… but they are OK, they are Good Enough!

We rounded out February with Friday Pizza night #1 with my friend Dani then an outing to Rose Cottage with a gang of us listening to our favourite local Band 5150. Barry and Brian rocked it as usual!  Miss Bee burned up the dance floor until we had to retire her for the night. It was good to stick with our plan to connect with family and friends.


Saturday we hit the Royal Canberra Show. Miss Bee loved the animals and we loved checking out the giant metal art Alien in one of the pavilions (yeah that’s not a photo we took but that’s what it looked like. It was life size and scary!). The Bengal kittens were rather adorable too half asleep in a cat cage.

Sunday we decided to escape Canberra and had a delicious #2 Brunch at The Albion in Braidwood then drove through to Malua Beach just South of Bateman’s Bay so Miss Bee could experience the beach now that she’s well and truly walking (ok more like running). We found this beach using an AWESOME free App called Beachsafe. Uses GPS to find beaches close by and tells you if they will be patrolled.

It’s been a busy month. But I feel like we have really got out and had fun! This next month will be just as fun I’m sure.



January: Anniversary- Dinner Date #1

After nearly 15 months of barely having any time away from my little one Miss Bee her big sister Kitty offered to mind her for our wedding anniversary in January. I’d been working hard on that bed routine and she was pretty solid so I figured it was worth a try. We booked a later time and headed out for a night of romance. Courgette restaurant is perfect for an intimate special dinner. The food meets my picky criteria for wanting something I wouldn’t be cooking at home. Something different, opulent and with that “wow” factor. The setting is modern and classy. Our table was right by the window overlooking a tiny Japanese influenced courtyard. It was bliss let me tell you. Having time to talk with Anthony. Not our usual dinner out with Miss Bee in tow: cutting food into bite sized pieces, or pulling out bibs, wipes… singing songs… praying she will behave all the while gulping down the food and sculling the coffee before she grabs it.

The meals there are awesome. It’s kind of weird as they give you this tiny little bit of decadent deliciousness yet by the end of the meal you’re full. It was over dinner I spoke about Twelvetimes. Set the idea before hubby. Goals for one thing but realising them is another. To realise goals you must plan, set aside time and actually want the goal to come true. “Nike” I say- just DO IT! Here we were “Nike-ing” our dinner date night for the month. Tick that one off! Big tick glittery tick given it was our anniversary plus a nice place plus Miss Bee was a perfect angel for big sister. Winning.